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General Business Services

A & N Financial Group is here to assist with your general business needs.

  • Bookkeeping

    A & N Financial Group is here to assist with your bookkeeping needs. We understand many business owners are busy being operators and do not have the time or the energy to set up or complete accounting journals; we can lend a hand with either or both!


  • Employee Benefits/Simple IRA/QSEHRA

    A & N Financial Group has tailored Employee Benefit Services that meet your needs including Simple IRA and QSEHRA options.



  • Human Resource Management

    We can assist with Human Resource Management (HRM) so you can focus on your core business. A & N Financial Group has customized HRM services that meet your needs including Employee Handbooks and Manuals.

    • Employee Manuals / Handbooks
    • New Hire Packets
  • Payroll Management

    We can assist with Payroll Management so you can focus on your core business. A & N Financial Group has customized payroll services that meet your needs and will track both federal and state withholdings so you can devote time to other aspects of your business.



Business Formation

Need to create a business plan before starting your new business? 

Business Plan - A & N Financial Group can help you build on what you have already started, or we can create a customized plan for you. Our business plans are tailored to meet your needs and will serve as a roadmap for the structure, operation, and growth of your business.

Structure Types - Whether you need assistance understanding the different types of business entities available in your state, or already have in mind what you need, A & N Financial Group can assist with the filing or consult on the various structure types that meet your needs.

Business Consulting Services

A & N Financial Group is available to collaborate with you and your teammates or conduct an independent analysis on a variety of issues and opportunities you may have, including:

  • Evaluate and Test Financial Processes and Controls

  • Cost Savings Initiatives

  • Strategic Planning

  • Financial Management Consulting

  • Small Business Operations & Strategy Management Consulting

  • General Business Consulting

  • Documenting Procedures

  • Project Based (i.e. General Ledger Reconfiguration, Strategic Sourcing, etc.)

  • Practice Walk Through

  • Surveys / Secret shoppers

Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A)

A & N Financial Group is able to provide analytical services and identify trends in order to provide knowledge and recommendations based on our analysis.

We offer fully customized Financial Planning & Analysis reporting packages that allow you to review accurate and reliable information on a consistent basis, which will allow you to make educated business decisions in a timely manner. Whether it is a one-time analysis, monthly analysis, or ad-hoc analysis, we can assist your business (or you) with a wide range of reports. A few of our most requested Financial Planning and Analysis reports are listed:

Monthly Profit & Loss (P&L) Reports - Shows your Revenue, Expenses, and Net Income

Monthly Balance Sheet Reports - Shows your Assets, Liabilities, and Equity

Cash Flow Forecasting - The flow of cash coming in and leaving your business and an estimate for the future

Metrics Development - Can be Operational or Finance related; are quantifiable measures that track and assess the status of a process

KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) - A high-level indicator used to quickly reflect a status that matters most to your business

Financial Modeling/Data Modeling - Custom built data models with automation using Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). We can turn your copious amounts of data into meaningful analysis so you can make educated decisions and decipher trends.

Business Case Analysis - We can create a customized tool or model to assist with evaluating potential options and the impact to your business. Used most often for building expansion, purchasing new equipment, or leasing new equipment.

  • Capital Project Analysis
  • Lease vs Buy Analysis
  • Ad hoc / Other Analysis

Process Improvement

A & N Financial Group can help you identify opportunities to reduce waste and improve processes. Using proven techniques, we can assist with recognizing inefficiencies in your operations and provide recommendations that may yield lower costs, higher profits, more efficient operations, and a better customer experience. Some common techniques we use are:

  • Lean Six Sigma

    Collaborative process to improve performance by eliminating waste and reducing variation

  • VBA Automation

    Using VBA we can write code to automate routine processes in various programs, which lowers errors and allows your employees to focus on more challenging tasks



At A & N Financial Group we understand the importance of training and we know many small business owners do not have the time to provide adequate training to their employees. We are available to provide virtual training that covers broad topics including finance, accounting, and Microsoft Excel to help your staff better implement the stability and growth-focused changes you are making to your business.

Have questions? Let us know and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible!


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